Asset recovery, interim order, corporate dispute, freezing injunction, fraud handling, debt recovery

Our litigation team has vast experience in Litigation and Dispute Resolution matters within Cyprus courts, handling contentious disputes across a spectrum of areas including civil, commercial and criminal matters, corporate restructuring and white-collar fraud.

Where applicable, our trial advocates first seek to beneficially mediate in order to avoid lengthy and costly court action. Nonetheless, our trial advocates are specialised in a wide range of litigation matters, and are able to offer their assistance through Court.

We can advise on a variety of litigation and dispute matters, particularly:

  • Commercial
  • Tort
  • Criminal
  • Family
  • Employment
  • Property
  • Administrative litigation proceedings


Thalia Efthymiou


Thalia Efthymiou


+357 25 866 480

Thalia holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Liverpool and she successfully passed the Cyprus Bar exams in 2019 where she managed to get one of the highest marks in Criminal Procedure. Thalia has been trained in litigation where she had the opportunity to be involved in various legal cases by preparing pleadings and presenting cases before the District Court.

Thalia has contributed on several articles on topics regarding matters or issues within the criminal area and discussing the possibility of the amendment of current Legislation.

In her current position, Thalia is focusing on litigation and dispute resolution matters involving all major elements.


Bachelor of Laws, University of Liverpool


Cyprus Bar Association


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