17 November 2023

Launching the One-Stop-Shipping Center: Streamlining Services for Cyprus Shipping


As from 20th of November 2023, the Shipping Deputy Ministry will establish the One-Stop-Shipping centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, offering services traditionally provided by the Civil Registry and Migration Department, so that the shipping industry can be served from a single point.

To be more specific, the One-Stop-Shipping centre will now also accept applications, for which physical presence is required, to receive biometric data, for the following services:

  • issuance of relevant Registration Certificates (MEU1) of European Union (EU/EEA) citizens who will be employed in Cyprus by shipping companies. Applications for the Issuance of Residence Permits (MEU2) will also be received for the family members of EU/EEA citizens who are not themselves citizens of the Union;
  • issuance / renewal of Temporary Residence and Employment Permits in Cyprus of citizens of third countries (i.e. outside the EU/EEA) who will be employed by shipping companies (BCS); and
  • accommodation arrangements for family members of third country citizens employed by shipping companies (MFR, VIS and CYE).

This will contribute to the continuous upgrading of the services of the Shipping Deputy Ministry in an effort to improve the competitiveness of the Cyprus flag.

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